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Energy Efficiency

Improve energy efficiency of your refrigeration and air conditioning systems with our energy-saving guidance. For some organizations refrigeration and Air conditioning costs can represent over 50 per cent of their energy bill. A modern and energy-efficient system will help save you money. There are also options that can be fitted to existing systems, which can greatly reduce your capital expenditure.

Save Money And Reduce Carbon Footprint
ABC Refrigeration are experts in all things related to building heating and cooling. When engineering solutions, we allways try to maintain a balance between capital investment and energy efficiency. As such, many of our new systems utilise innovative modern technology designed to give great overal energy usage savings, decreasing the life-time cost of the equipment.

Energy Saving Innovation
Below are a few examples of the products that we can specify in our systems to help our clients make great savings on energy costs:

When adding items to a cold room or cabinet, the new warm items can trip the temp sensor into starting a refrigeration cycle, even though your stored items are at the right temperature.

By fitting an e-Cube to your refrigerated system the thermostat is overridden and so the motors kick in only once the device and therefore your product have increased in temperature. This simple modification to the system can significantly reduce the amount of energy your system uses and therefore significantly reduces the amount of money you spend on your energy bills.

Savings of between 15 – 35% have been achieved by many companies including those that feature in our customer case studies. The ECube is compatible with 95% of refrigeration’s systems, is quick and easy to fit, maintenance free.

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